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Growing here at CIRFOOD means having to tackle new challenges every day, thinking and making changes proactively, while always seeking excellence with a view to continuous improvement. We believe that change is an opportunity to tackle stimulating career paths that can help people grow by learning new valuable skills.

People are accompanied on a specially created development project so they can independently and effectively handle any assigned role with the aim of encouraging ambition, a critical mind, and the possibility of creating added value by discovering new potential paths to follow.

Every day, we strive to put into practice many activities to encourage the development of our staff:

  • analysis and assessment of skills in line with our model
  • individual and personalised development plans
  • managerial development through technical and interpersonal training
  • coaching
  • job rotation
  • international experience

We believe in sharing best practices and the possibility of learning from each other: this is why we encourage any successes achieved and outstanding situations to be circulated all around the company to impart knowledge and to be a source of inspiration. A range of interests and passions encourages ideas and creativity. This is why we are committed to activities that can increase our staff’s level of culture, because without culture there is no imagination and without imagination there is no innovation.

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