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Our Idea of Sustainability
Sustainability is one of CIRFOOD’s core values. In fact, if we want to do business today, we cannot ignore it: it’s a sign of responsibility, social commitment and love for our planet and the people who live here.
For all intents and purposes, it’s a sign of civilisation.

We believe that everyone has the right to proper nutrition. Food is an asset to enjoy and share socially. We promote conscious consumption for a better lifestyle and to protect our resources.
Because it is only by implementing sustainable development policies that we can guarantee everyone gets the enjoyment and quality of proper nutrition.

2030 Agenda

In 2015, United Nations Member States signed the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development: a list of 17 ambitious goals that all the countries should achieve by 2030.

CIRFOOD has prioritised the following goals.

Beating hunger

To end hunger, achieve food safety, improve nutrition and promote sustainable agriculture

In 2017, we analysed over 13.000 samples to check food safety. We donated over 50.000 dishes and 2 tonnes of products to charitable organisations. We are committed to increasing the number of products from sustainable supply chains.
Quality education

To provide high-quality, impartial and inclusive education and learning opportunities for everyone.

In 2017, we invested €350,000 in education, providing an education voucher to all our working members. Employees were able to make use of over 90,000 hours of training, while over 7,000 people (mostly children and young people) took part in food education initiatives and projects organised by CIRFOOD.
Clean and affordable energy

To ensure that everyone has access to cost-effective, reliable, sustainable and modern energy systems.

One of our biggest milestones of 2017 was achieving ISO 50001 certification. Through a specifically created IT platform, we now have greater control over energy consumption, while €3.4 million was invested to keep energy consumption down.
Respectable jobs and economic growth

To promote long-lasting, inclusive and sustainable economic growth, full and productive employment, and a respectable job for everyone.

We could list off many figures from 2017 to show our commitment towards achieving this goal: 42 millions invested, constant growth in net worth and employment, €4 million of free meals, €1.5 million in supplementary healthcare, €900,000 in income support, over €400,000 in Christmas gifts, and 2.2 million in member dividends. We are constantly committed to implementing the NoixNoi welfare programme and invest in safety training and the careful monitoring of accidents.
Responsible consumption and production

To guarantee sustainable models of production and consumption.

In 2017, we created LCA verification systems and launched projects to develop software to prevent food waste as well as a project linked to the circular economy.

in figures

We realised long ago that over-exploitation of natural resources would have repercussions on all of society as it compromises the development of future generations.

The figures shown below refer to the performances of CIRFOOD Italia in 2017.

Quality and safety

CIRFOOD’s mission focuses on quality and the customer: this leads us every day to a mindset of integrated responsibility which upholds our core principles: passion, transparency, ethics and respect for market rules, quality, guaranteed professionalism and food safety in our catering service, protecting people’s health, customer and staff satisfaction, product traceability, as well as a focus on food education and protecting the environment.

This is why we have adopted various voluntary certification systems over the years to maintain and improve our catering services, achieving ever higher performances and ensuring economic, environmental and social sustainability in the everyday running of canteens.

All our systems are integrated with each other to ensure the best application in the various catering services we operate. Our staff ensure that the company self-monitoring manuals are strictly applied, which cover national, regional and local laws and regulations, but also describe the procedures taken to ensure the highest level of food and health safety. Systematic controls, such as laboratory analysis and check-lists, are regularly arranged by highly professional staff who conduct incredibly thorough inspections.


Our solid commitment can be seen by our Certified Management Systems that are in line with our Company Mission.

Quality - ISO 9001

Quality management system - ISO 9001

Workplace health and safety - UNI ISO 45001:2018

Occupational health and safety management system - UNI ISO 45001:2018

Environment - ISO 14001

Environmental management system - ISO 14001

Social accountability - SA8000

Social accountability system - SA8000

Food safety - ISO 22000 and UNI 10854

Food safety management system - ISO 22000 and UNI 10854

Organic production - EC REG 834/07

Organic production standards - EC REG 834/0707

Traceability in agri-food chains - ISO 22005

Traceability system in agri-food chains - ISO 22005

Energy efficiency - ISO 50001

Energy management system

Our sustainability

Every year, CIRFOOD produces a Sustainability Report in the belief that it is an important, transparent tool for analysing and checking that any business it conducts meets its benchmark values. The Sustainability Report is presented and handed out at the General Meeting.


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