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CIRFOOD, a mutual cooperative company

CIRFOOD, a mutual cooperative company

CIRFOOD is a prevalently mutual manufacturing and working cooperative company, in other words, in running its business, it primarily uses the services of its members.

“The main goal which the members of the Cooperative want to achieve is continued employment and the best economic, social and professional conditions through joint management and by providing their own services”.
(Article 4 of the CIRFOOD Articles of Association)


What is a cooperative company

Cooperating means working together, joining forces, work, skills and initiatives to meet your own economic, social and cultural needs and aspirations by creating a jointly owned and democratically run company.

A cooperative company is therefore a corporate formula that can be adopted by legal and natural persons who share the same goals and join together to tackle the competitive and innovative challenges of the market, while focusing on the concepts of solidarity, working cooperation and mutuality which are the guiding principles of the cooperative.


CIRFOOD’s company mission

For us, cooperating means working together, nurturing skills, work and creativity in order to:

  • provide healthy, safe, guaranteed quality and accessible catering services and products;
  • promote a culture of nutrition that values food and inspires more informed consumption to improve people’s lifestyle;
  • promote a market that defends users’ purchasing power and health, instilling every relationship with the principles of transparency, fairness and efficiency;
  • guarantee continued employment and the best economic, social and professional conditions for members and employees;
  • enhance employees’ work, their creative contributions and commitment, encouraging their cultural and professional growth through training programmes;
  • safeguard the cooperative’s history and increase its assets in order to guarantee its future with the continued innovation required;
  • help strengthen the company’s role and image;
  • contribute to regional growth, supporting the needs of the communities where it works;
  • carry out its work responsibly, in accordance with the supportive, civic sense of being a cooperative;
  • reduce the impact of our business to protect the environment and natural resources.


Our catering company’s work and results are reported every year in the Sustainability Report.


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