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Being a member

Being a member

A value, an opportunity and an advantage

Becoming a CIRFOOD member means taking a leading role together with the other members, aligning your interests with those of the community, guaranteeing continued employment, promoting innovation and creating prosperity.

Anyone can become a cooperative member if you enter into a working relationship with CIRFOOD and work together to achieve the company goals through your work or profession.


5 good reasons to become a member

  1. Democratic participation: members have the same voting rights (one person, one vote) and contribute financially to the Cooperative’s capital, guiding and controlling its business, and electing the Board of Directors and the Member Section Committees.
  2. Returns: if the cooperative does well, members may receive an “additional financial package”, as approved by the shareholders’ meeting.
  3. Return on capital: the paid-up share capital is paid and interest on the capital may be collected every year.
  4. Member loans: members may invest more in the cooperative, entering into loan contracts and receiving favourable interest rates. Click here for more information. 
  5. The “NOIXNOI” welfare project: only working members may receive real measures to help their work/life balance and get financial support; they are guaranteed services for their health and professional and personal well-being. All members can enjoy interesting commercial deals to save on what they spend and can take part in the recreational and cultural initiatives offered by the cooperative at subsidised prices.


How to become a member

To become a CIRFOOD member, you need to subscribe to a membership fee by submitting an application to the Members Area.

Any capital paid shall remain the member’s property and may be taken back in the event of withdrawal or exclusion from the company, in accordance with the Articles of Association and applicable law.

Once a member’s admission has been approved, they will be sent a membership card, as well as the Cooperative’s Articles of Association and Regulations.

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