Collective catering

School, healthcare and company catering

Commercial catering

Customised catering formats and solutions

Welfare Services

Tailor-made solutions and welfare services for the well-being of your employees

CIRFOOD collective catering

Collective catering

Our experience and professionalism, along with our passion and high quality, make us one of the biggest Italian collective catering companies: catering for schools, hospitals and care homes, businesses, the military and communities.

To create a sustainable supply chain, we’re working hard to centralise purchase volumes on distribution platforms. The special Quanta Stock & Go platform guarantees a production chain with a limited number of commercial brokers (short chain).

CIRFOOD company catering



We offer a highly personalised and top-quality catering service, designed for all those businesses that believe in healthy eating and in the well-being of their employees.

CIRFOOD school catering



School catering and the school nutrition sector is one of CIRFOOD’s longest running business areas and a real model of excellence in Italy.

CIRFOOD hospital catering

Hospitals and clinics

Hospitals and clinics

Hospital catering is an essential part of healthcare services. CIRFOOD offers a team of experts and a dedicated commercial and operational structure.

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