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"NOIxNOI" Welfare Project was set up to create a healthy and harmonious working environment and to enable our people to express their full potential. "NOIxNOI" are concrete actions of work-life balance, health and income support and services dedicated to workplace and personal well-being.

With NOIxNOI welfare plan you will be able to:

  • access flexibility tools to balance your life and work times and to care for your family
  • benefit from health services for yourself and your family
  • request economic support in case of need
  • enjoy services from the enterprise and advantages for basic purchases
  • receive, through the Social Desk, a free advisory service provided by CIRFOOD to help you know better the welfare plan and make the best use of it. Social Desk Contacts: toll-free number 800260738 – e-mail:

This is our way of doing business: giving value to our people.


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