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The culture of innovation

Innovation is a strategic tool for predicting and interpreting the future and for anticipating the needs of customers and stakeholders, so as to guarantee sustainable services and solutions that are capable of improving their lifestyles and their well-being.

Innovative projects and platforms to promote taste education and a food consciousness and consumption in the schools, personalised programs for health and well-being for companies, and specially-designed nutrition training programs for hospitals and nursing homes. In addition, we invest in solutions to limit waste and environmental impact, Life Cycle Assessment studies, and the identification of projects to promote a circular economy. There are numerous fronts on which CIRFOOD is focusing its energies, in order to guarantee its business a sustainable future.

Research and development

That is why CIRFOOD invests in Research and Development, creating and fostering a culture of innovation throughout its organisation. This innovation encompasses processes, services and products and it stands on a solid foundation, so we can plan the future with a vision based on our experience, capable of looking beyond the limits of the visible and the expected and of creating new value.

Culture and nutrition

For CIRFOOD, innovation also means making a real effort with cultural production because we believe that the more informed and aware our society is, the better our future will be. That is why, in addition to organising meetings, workshops, and other learning opportunities that are open to the public, for over 10 years we have also been publishing the online magazine Il Giornale del Cibo (The Food Journal), through which we are committed to promoting topics having to do with food culture, with the awarding of food service contracts and with nutrition, reaching millions of people every year.

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