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Values and uniqueness

Our vision
Values and uniqueness

Our Identity

This is our true passion. It is a global entity to be experienced in its entirety, through promoting conscious consumption and a healthy lifestyle, able to feed what will become both our and your future.

We believe that nutrition is a universal right and that food is not just about nourishment; it is also tradition and innovation, health and wellbeing, and ethics and responsibility. In just one word: culture.

Our 13,000 employees are the beating heart of our company. Thanks to them, we are able to make the enjoyment and quality of nutrition accessible to the whole society, through sustainable development policies.


Our Values, our Uniqueness

Our way of doing business has to take on board a series of unique and distinctive values that we have established. These guide us in all our decisions, influencing the way we behave and therefore determining the direction of our future development.

Because it is only by being aware of what we are today that we can build what we want to become tomorrow.

Results depend on the contribution of everyone.

Innovation creates opportunities for growth.

Our awareness of the value of every single gesture.

A company you can rely on.

Without culture, there is no imagination, and without imagination, there is no innovation.

Our charter of uniqueness

The CIRFOOD Charter of Uniqueness is designed to describe and promote a business culture by conveying our value system and distinctive identity driven by the principles of FOOD, CULTURE AND PEOPLE.


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