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Values and uniqueness

Our vision
Values and uniqueness

The values we believe in

Our real passion. We live it to the fullest, promoting conscious consumption and a healthy lifestyle, feeding our and your future.

We believe that everyone has the right to proper nutrition and that food is not just about nourishment, but also tradition and innovation, health and well-being, ethics and responsibility. In just one word: culture.

Our 13.000 members of staff are the engine behind our company. Thanks to them, we can share the enjoyment and quality of proper nutrition with all of society through sustainable development policies.


What makes us unique

Our 4 core principles, the very essence of our unique nature

CIRFOOD is a cooperative founded on the principles of democracy, respect and sincerity

It is a food service company founded in Emilia Romagna with a vision of global development

It believes in culture and work that give people dignity

It works to make the pleasure and quality of nutrition accessible to all of society

Our charter of uniqueness

The CIRFOOD Charter of Uniqueness is designed to describe and promote a business culture by conveying our value system and distinctive identity driven by the principles of FOOD, CULTURE AND PEOPLE.


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