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The catering company’s BoD and management


CIRFOOD is governed by the Board of Directors and by the Management of the catering company. The Board of Directors has control and final responsibility over approving commercial and organisational activities and strategies submitted and carried out by Management, in order to ensure the continuity of our business and therefore employment for our workers.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors of the catering company, as elected by CIRFOOD members, is formed of 15 people, including 10 working members and 5 financing members. The CIRFOOD BoD took office on 25 June 2021 and shall remain in office for 3 year:

Chairman Chiara Nasi
Deputy Chairman Davide Mauta
Marcello Cappi
Simona Caselli
Lucia Cavone 
Vanni Ceccardi
Cristian Golinelli
Carlo Lanza
Luigi Manfredi
Giorgio Olivieri
Valeria Pincelli
Sergio Senesi
Rossella Soncini
Lorella Vignali
Andrea Volta

Board of Auditors

Chairman Simone Caprari
Standing Auditors
Patrizia Arioli
Nicola Soldati
Alternate Auditors
Angelo Schiavina
Donatella Vitanza


The CIRFOOD Management is formed of the General Management and the Operations Management including Regional Area Managers of the catering company: they are in charge of outlining and implementing the most effective and efficient managerial and strategic guidelines.

General Management

Chiara Nasi Chairman
Alessio Bordone Sales Manager
Fabrizio Gazzo Operations Manager
Massimo Bertini Administration, Finance and Control Manager
Luca Sartelli Human Resources and Organisation Manager
Massimiliano Merenda Purchasing and Logistics Manager
Daniela Fabbi Communication and Marketing Manager
Alberto Mezzaroba IT Systems Manager
Nanni Manconi International Manager
Davide Mauta Legal and General Affairs Manager

Operations Management

Fabrizio Gazzo Operations Manager
Michele Attolini North-West Regional Area Manager
Davide Spadoni Lombardy Regional Area Manager
Andrea Zampiron North-East Regional Area Manager
Lorella Vignali Emilia Regional Area Manager
Sergio Senesi Central Regional Area Manager
Alessandro Simonelli Southern Central Regional Area Manager


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