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Collective catering

With our school catering service, CIRFOOD offers an all-inclusive project that promotes a culture of healthy eating, one that meets the requirements of children during their sensitive growing years and respects their health. We think the school canteen offers an opportunity to raise awareness and impart an appreciation of diversity, share experiences and contribute to the education of an evolved and aware citizenry.

Key values of CIRFOOD school catering

High-quality school catering helps to:

  • Foster a food culture that is one of health and well-being;
  • Teach the value of food and well-informed consumption habits, beginning with mealtimes;
  • Foster a correct approach to dietary habits, one that involves trying out new tastes and flavours;
  • Encourage interaction and conviviality.


Our figures


Meals provided:
42 million

Students served every day:

Municipalities supplied:
over 450

What we offer and our skills

We go to pre-schools, primary and secondary schools and higher education institutes. With our school catering model, we guarantee:

  • Menus that satisfy the nutritional needs of the age group for whom the service is being provided, in compliance with Italian Recommended Nutrient Intake Levels (LARN) and Guidelines for a Healthy Diet.
  • Learning activities that stimulate development of dietary awareness, inside as well as outside of the usual context of the school canteen.
  • Consultation with our specialists to develop and serve special menus for children and young adults suffering from specific illnesses.
  • Flexible and complete solutions, up to and including complete management of our customers’ on-site kitchens.
  • A service capable of meeting the needs of both the public and private sector, nationally and internationally.

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