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We believe that food is not only nourishment, but also an integral part of any treatment. That is our philosophy when it comes to hospital catering: making good health the central ingredient of every dish we prepare. It is an approach that has made us a leader in the sector and led us to be chosen by the most important hospitals and assisted-living facilities in all of Italy.

Key values of CIRFOOD hospital catering

High-quality hospital and social or healthcare catering goes beyond mere management of the kitchen or canteen because it helps to:

  • Foster the conditions that give rise to well-being among those we serve, becoming a part of their treatment regimens;
  • Make individuals and their specific nutritional needs the focus of the service;
  • Guarantee appropriate nutrition, with respect for cultural traditions and the sensory qualities of the food prepared;
  • Promote information and awareness campaigns to encourage a correct approach to dietary habits.


Our figures


Assisted-living facilities:

Meals provided:
25 million

Employees in the health sector:

What we offer and our skills

With our catering model for hospitals, clinics and healthcare facilities, we guarantee:

  • Our established know-how on developing nutritional plans designed for users with eating disorders and allergies. So that these people can also improve their state of health through personalised courses and proper nutrition.
  • Our vast experience which comes from working with the biggest healthcare facilities in Italy.
  • Consolidated expertise in the traditional hot and cold food production context and in the latest production methods, such as cook and chill.
  • modularity in hospital and healthcare catering services, thanks to a variety of options. From delivered meals to the management of in-house kitchens, right through to supplying extended catering services to employees and visitors through tailor-made canteens and refreshment stands (self-service restaurants, snack bars and pizzerias).
  • Solutions and technologies for optimising management of the service, production processes and meal delivery.
  • Active listening of users’ needs to identify ways to improve the service and to detect new needs and demands.

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