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Welfare Services


People are the main asset of any organization and the enhancement of their needs has always been our true distinctiveness.

CIRFOOD is committed to assist private and public companies that believe in their people, in the value of work and in human and professional growth. Thanks to a series of welfare services is able to support its customers in the construction of welfare plans, based on the needs of their employees.


From the experience gained in over 50 years of activity in the personal services sector, in 2021 is born VALYOUNESS, the 100% CIRFOOD subsidiary company, able to offer innovative welfare services and integrated solutions, to private and public companies, institutions, social organizations and territories,

A new stage in a journey that began with collective and commercial catering services and that over time has continued with the supply of meal vouchers, with the gift vouchers under the Valyouness Gift brand and with the acquisition of Valore Welfare, an advisor specialized in the design of Corporate Welfare plans.

VALYOUNESS is the natural evolution of a way of doing business that is closely linked to our cooperative identity and to our values, which put people and their needs at the center. Today, more than ever, welfare plays a fundamental role for employees and for all those organizations that want to improve the quality of life of their workers, at home and at work.


VALYOUNESS goes beyond the canons of a simple welfare provider, thanks to a wide range of social solutions, food services, wellbeing and care management offers, taking advantage of its experience and relationships built over time with the territory and the cooperative world, to which it belongs.

VALYOUNESS acts as a point of reference for both beneficiaries and entrepreneurs, who find a partner able to offer professionalism, expertise and services, in order to contribute to their working and organizational wellbeing.



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