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Supply chain

Supply chain

As we primarily operate in a market subject to incredibly precise specifications, the raw material procurement phase is highly critical. In fact, the product type and quantity must always match the specifications in the tender contracts.

CIRFOOD works by creating relationships of close cooperation with its suppliers, encouraging them to make improvements together to allow longer lasting performances over time, with a view to mutual growth and the creation of shared value.

To prove our ability to guarantee a product or service that complies with requirements, when selecting a new supplier, the Purchasing Management Team adopts one or more of the following criteria based on the type and critical nature of the product or service to be bought:

  • technical/production capacity for the product/service required;
  • reliability;
  • service/product quality;
  • value for money;
  • order lead times;
  • product and/or system certification.

To be qualified, a new supplier candidate must pass several preliminary assessment phases.


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