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The CIRFOOD Academy provides training and refresher courses to pass on and share the company's know-how and its values, inspired by the culture of catering and cooperative ideals. Our training model is a combination of innovative methodologies aimed at supporting learning processes as effectively as possible through:

  • courses for anyone joining our company (induction training);
  • classroom or outdoor training courses;
  • self-learning courses (on-the-job training);
  • distance learning (e-learning)

Training is an integral part of the daily work of all our staff to improve their technical and specialist skills and to encourage the development of managerial and interpersonal skills which are crucial for performing their organisational role as best as possible.

In particular, the Scuola dei Maestri (Training school) is our faculty dedicated to every employee actively working in our kitchens: first of all, these training projects are run by enhancing the cultural and professional heritage developed at our business, or by directly involving senior trainers who have proven themselves over time to be a reliable example of respect for values and professional conduct.

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