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Environment - ISO 14001

Launching and maintaining an Environmental Management System at a catering company in accordance with standard UNI EN ISO 14001 means making meals and reducing, preventing and restricting any negative impact on the environment in its daily business with regard to the surrounding region.

To continuously improve its sustainable services, CIRFOOD is committed to promoting and supporting the following operational guidelines:

  • complying with environmental legislation and regulations;
  • ongoing monitoring and subsequently reducing the environmental impact of any work (optimising the use of resources, waste water, atmospheric emissions, waste production, etc);
  • adopting management procedures at the catering company to offer better environmental protection;
  • planning environmental performance targets;
  • designing and implementing plans to achieve any set targets, while accordingly allocating appropriate qualified resources;
  • regularly assessing the results achieved;
  • communicating and circulating the environmental performance targets and the results to any positions concerned;
  • training staff;
  • involving suppliers to promote the catering company’s environmental policy.


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