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CIRFOOD has decided to undertake the Family Audit certification process, for its facilities in the Province of Trento, to validate its welfare path and have the opportunity to acquire additional tools to consolidate its approach to work-life balancewelfare and development of its people.

The Family Audit certification, issued by the Province of Trento, is a managerial tool for the implementation of Corporate Social Responsibility available to public and private organizations that intend to certify their commitment to implement work-life balance policies, to improve the individual well-being of their employees and their families. It is a brand promoted by the Department for Family Policies at the Presidency of the Council of Ministers for dissemination throughout the country.

CIRFOOD, sharing the general objectives of the Family Audit aimed at promoting a balance between working life and personal and family life and to create a better balance between the interests of the organization and those of workers, has implemented a plan of activities consisting of 24 actions identified in the 6 macro-areas provided for by the certification (Work Organization, Culture of Reconciliation, Communication, Corporate Welfare, Territorial Welfare and New Technologies).

Among the most important actions, the establishment of a time bank, the strengthening of training and internal communication and the identification of services in Trentino that can support the actions of reconciliation already present in the welfare plan NoixNoi.



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