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Food safety - ISO 22000

Certification for the Food Safety Management System in accordance with standard UNI EN ISO 22000 is available in certain CIRFOOD kitchens.

This food safety standard provides a framework of worldwide standardised requirements for the entire agri-food chain.

Managing the food safety system allows us to monitor the processes, environments and any phases that form part of the food production system.

Moreover, by running food safety checks, we can:

  • understand and identify the food safety risks which the company and consumers are potentially exposed to;
  • implement tools to effectively measure, monitor and optimise all food safety performances, not just at the catering company, but all along the entire agri-food chain;
  • optimally comply with the obligations laid down by law and with company requirements as well as those set by customers;
  • have effective ways to communicate with stakeholders and to interact with all interested parties, creating a flow of structured information both inside and outside the company and to guarantee effective monitoring of risk factors.


CIRFOOD would like to offer an extra guarantee for people who need to be particularly careful about their diet, either due to allergies or intolerances to specific ingredients. For these people, food safety also means the certainty of not eating foods that contain specific ingredients that could make them unwell or cause an allergic reaction. This is why CIRFOOD has developed special procedures employed in the catering service dedicated to people with food allergies or intolerances, such as for example celiacs. For some kitchens, “special diet management” is controlled by internationally recognised, independent certification bodies, which certify that company procedures are applied properly.


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