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Climate change is now a subject of great interest and has become the subject of extensive international debate; consequently, instruments have been developed to limit greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Thus, the International Technical Standards Authority (ISO) has developed an ad hoc standard: ISO 14064-1.

It is a standard that allows you to quantify your GHG emissions in order to implement Carbon Management policies and communicate your commitment to environmental sustainability to its stakeholders. 

In 2022 CIRFOOD completed the overall GHG emissions measurement path. This measure provides the necessary awareness to identify the areas of greatest impact and to launch a targeted and effective emission reduction strategy.


  • Credibility and transparency in the quantification, monitoring and reporting of emissions reductions, increases or removals, of GHG projects;
  • Promoting the development and implementation of GHG projects;
  • Monitoring and control of environmental performances and process efficiency;
  • Promotion of greenhouse gas offsetting activities;
  • Alignment with the European CSRD.


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