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Quality - ISO 9001

The CIRFOOD Quality System (UNI EN ISO 9001:2015 certified), involves every company process in food safety, from supply to the catering service offered, from supplier evaluation to customer satisfaction, from meal planning to serving.

The food safety system is applied to every type of product, process and service:

  • company canteens, school canteens, hospital catering and catering for other communities;
  • management of self service restaurants with various service systems;
  • production and distribution of pizzas and baked products;
  • management of kitchens and kitchens where canteen meals are made, packaged, transported and distributed;
  • food supplies and technical advice.

The Quality System is also extended to other types of services provided by CIRFOOD:

  • issue, sale and management of meal vouchers;
  • real estate design and renovation;
  • construction work fittings.

In every CIRFOOD canteen, we employ and apply our HACCP Self-monitoring System to food hygiene, pursuant to the HACCP food safety method. The document and operative instructions are an integral part of the UNI EN ISO 9001 certified Quality System. The certification is automatically extended to all new managements.



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