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Customised catering formats and solutions

Welfare Services for Companies

Free time, family, sport, culture and meal vouchers

Quality - ISO 9001

In keeping with our own values of focusing on people’s health and safety, CIRFOOD has developed a system certified according to standard BS OHSAS 18001, which focuses on continuously improving the catering company and guaranteeing optimal working conditions, as well as reducing the risk of accidents, injuries and occupational diseases.

The Occupational Health and Safety Management System covers all company processes, services and product types, without exclusion:

  • work in school canteens, company canteens, healthcare catering and for communities;
  • running self-service restaurants;
  • making and providing baked products;
  • work in meal centres and kitchens, as well as packaging, transport and distribution;
  • providing food and technical consultancy;
  • planning, drafting and applying self-monitoring systems for food safety based on HACCP analysis;
  • issuing, selling and managing meal vouchers.


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