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Social Accountability System - SA8000

CIRFOOD has certified its Social Accountability Management System according to standard SA 8000, consisting of a set of social requirements to guarantee transparent ethics in the entire agri-food chain, including suppliers, as well as in the production cycle.

Indeed, we have always believed that our main factor of production is our cooperative company’s staff, members and employees who work hard every day to make us stronger on the catering services market: our awareness of the importance of this factor has led us to create and certify our own Social Accountability System, so we can manage it better, based on respect for social rights and staff development.

The CIRFOOD Social Accountability System covers all the company’s business sectors, as well as all the canteens and catering services which we run in Italy, including meal voucher services. This certification also covers all new contracts that CIRFOOD plans to acquire.

In order for the Social Accountability Management System to work effectively and to be improved, all workers and any other interested parties are allowed to help out by reporting any potential problems, recommendations and complaints.
Reports should involve the following aspects:

  • technical and operational issues regarding the organisation of work,
  • issues relating to the Human Resources Management System,
  • issues relating to compliance with standard SA 8000 (both in terms of the company obtaining certification and any other issues relating to compliance with the requirements of this standard).

Reports can be made, including anonymously, through one of the following methods:

  • by e-mail to the following addresses:
  • by phone to the SA8000 workers’ representatives, as indicated
  • by sending a letter to CIRFOOD at Via Alfred Bernhard Nobel, 19 42124 Reggio Emilia, care of the Members Area Manager.
  • directly to the Bureau Veritas certification agency
  • directly to the SAAS accreditation agency
  • by telling the Members Area and Certified Systems Manager in person during surveillance audits or the Certification Agency Manager.

If a worker makes a non-anonymous report, either directly or through their regional representatives, CIRFOOD shall not launch any disciplinary sanctions or show any form of discrimination against the people who made the report or anyone called as a witness.

For more information on standard SA8000 you can visit the following websites:


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