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Traceability in agri-food chains - ISO 22005

The CIRFOOD traceability system for agri-food chains, certified according to UNI EN ISO 22005:2008, applies to the “Leonessa” Meal Centre of Botticino Sera in the province of Brescia, to the “Caldogno” Meal Centre of Cresole in the province of Vicenza, to the Meal Centre of Legnago and to the Meal Centre of Medolla, specifically dedicated to collective catering (at schools, companies and healthcare facilities). This system covers traceability from the delivery of ingredients and packaging materials to the delivery of meals to where they are provided and user facilities.

The traceability system covers food product suppliers, primary food packaging suppliers, kitchens and shipping companies that deliver the meals.

Standard UNI EN ISO 22005 is a valuable support for food production companies when documenting the history of the end product, as well as when applying and tracking a product or its components. It also increases the consumer’s trust in the food chain and offers an important tool for tracing the causes of any problems linked to food safety.


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