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Assicurazioni Generali

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Assicurazioni Generali

ASSICURAZIONI Generali is one of the biggest insurance companies in the world and the largest in Italy. CIRFOOD runs the company catering service at Generali’s new headquarters in Mogliano Veneto.

Key points

Location: Assicurazioni Generali – Mogliano Veneto Headquarters

Number of meals a day: 1.200

Type of service: Company catering and the management of additional bar services, banqueting, take-aways, street food, the VIP lounge and book sharing.

Advantages of the service

  • A food court with 6 themed culinary corners, each with a specific atmosphere both in terms of food and the organisation of the rooms and furniture.
  • Innovative service, such as the use of kaiten-zushi for eating chilled gourmet dishes.
  • Great attention to guests’ food experience and to optimising service to cut waiting times.
  • A variety of services, which also include the bar service, banqueting, take-aways, street food, the VIP lounge and book sharing.


The project created by CIRFOOD for the Assicurazioni Generali Group’s headquarters in Mogliano Veneto came from the desire to bring a unique food experience to life for the company’s employees. This led to the idea to create a food court with space for 6 culinary corners, each one with a specific type of food. From Mediterranean food to pizzas, from the grill to the Wellness Fresh&Fruit menu, right up to gluten-free and vegetarian/vegan menus.

The entire project was created to optimise service in light of reducing times, while at the same time improving the variety of the food offered and the food experience. This goal was achieved through a detailed study and by streamlining spaces, thereby putting users and their needs at the very centre of the entire design phase.

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