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Food Shuttle

Food Shuttle is a multisensory edu-tech lab which CIRFOOD is sending to primary and lower secondary schools so the children can learn about the value of food and the region, as well as products’ origin, biodiversity, combating waste, conscious consumption and taste education. This set of values reflects CIRFOOD’s idea of nutrition, which highlights school meals as a special time to learn about food and healthy lifestyles, offering courses and activities involving thousands of users every year.

Key points

LOCATION: A platform designed to go into schools. Set up in school dining halls for the lab experience and to share meals on the platform or in a venue/room of at least 40 m2.

NUMBER OF CLASSES A DAY: 3 classes a day for up to 25 children - 2 classes in the morning and 1 in the afternoon

DURATION: the experience of each class lasts about 90 minutes

Advantages of the project

  • Formed of a pod designed to be taken apart and taken into schools. A one-of-a-kind educational platform that can take students on an innovative journey of food research and exploration through the use of immersive technologies and digital tools that heighten the 5 senses.
  • Focusing on the language of food, Food Shuttle puts the children at the centre, revealing its high-tech content through games of light, sound and colour. This project requires the use of devices such as VR headsets, laser and 3D printers, digital microscopes, stills, juicers, essence diffusers, thermoformers and vacuum packing machines.
  • The activities offered enhance the students’ sensory perception and teach them a new way of understanding the world of nutrition by exploring, investigating, starting, transforming, reorganising and reworking their discoveries.
  • Alongside the students, Food Shuttle is designed to involve the teachers and families.


How do you convey the value of food in school using an innovative approach?

CIRFOOD started working from this question before designing and creating the Food Shuttle, a multisensory POP UP platform intended to raise greater awareness about the value of food among students in Italian schools. Food Shuttle is a CIRFOOD project created in collaboration with the Reggio Children Foundation and the architect, Francesco Bombardi.

Customer review

- This is a colourful space shuttle to learn about and transform food.
- I didn’t think that vegetables were beautiful and delicious!
- Using virtual reality, I felt like a tomato, I was small like grass.

The children who have already tried the Food Shuttle Experience

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