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Kalamaro Piadinaro

Kalamaro Piadinaro

This is a restaurant distinguished by its carefully- chosen ingredients and culinary originality, and let’s not forget the typical flavours of Italy, combining to provide a unique food experience in a venue with a contemporary atmosphere. 

What it offers

What it offers

Classic and special piadinas, made with traditional and  innovative doughs, plus a selection of local regional dishes and seafood recipes. This formula calls for the use of fresh, seasonal raw materials, processed artisanally, and a selection of the finest Italian specialities, all telling the story of a passion for good food. The format includes both table service and take-away meals.

Other formats


RITA self-service restaurants

SELF-SERVICE RESTAURANT, offering gourmet delicacies for an outstanding lunch break.


Tracce free-flow self-service

FREE-FLOW SELF-SERVICE RESTAURANT, for an advanced take on self-service restaurants, which focuses on consumers by inviting them to create their own perfect menu.


Chiccotosto snack coffee bar

SNACK COFFEE BAR, with delicious sweet and savoury products together with a coffee bar that celebrates the aromas and essences of high-quality coffee.


VIAVAI bakery café and kitchen

BAKERY CAFÉ AND KITCHEN, a modern version of the pizzeria with dishes celebrating the best of traditional Italian baked products.



RESTAURANT AND LOUNGE BAR, with easy gourmet cuisine and the first example in Italy of the “heavy chef rotation” formula, which regularly rotates the chefs and menus.

Let's toast

fast casual dining let’s toast

FAST CASUAL DINING, for quick, informal catering focusing on grilled-cheese sandwiches freshly made with delicious ingredients.

Antica Focacceria S. Francesco

ANTICA FOCACCERIA S.FRANCESCO Sicilian popular cuisine

SICILIAN POPULAR CUISINE, including the best traditional Sicilian dishes in their most delicious and iconic recipes.


RED food retail bistro bookshop

BISTRO BOOKSHOP. A “hybrid” store-experience, the only example of food retail in Italy, offering cultural products and opportunities for socialising combined with good food, resulting in a crossover between food and culture.


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