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Poormanger. "Dal 2011... quelli delle patate”.


Born in Turin in 2011, Poormanger's idea of cooking starts from traditions and products of the earth, combining attention to sustainability with the commitment to keep costs affordable. Poormanger plays with the ingredients, to find the most delicious combinations and make stuffed potatoes for every taste. The potato, the poor food par excellence is ennobled, choosing quality ingredients and tasty recipes that add value and variety to Italian cuisine.

What It Offers

What It Offers

Vitamins, minerals, fiber. Potato is a staple food of the cuisine all over the world. Popular, because it has always been present on every table. Healthy, because rich in beneficial properties. Simple, because it comes from the richness of the earth. Poormanger chooses only the best potatoes, those with the most floury pulp, with yellow flesh, of the right size (400 gr.). After being cooked in a special gas oven, the pulp is seasoned with salt and extra virgin olive oil from Liguria, to keep it soft and tasty. Finally, it is stuffed. Around, the crunchy peel, which can be eaten. Inside, every kind of gastronomic delight: the offer of fillings is the richest imaginable, and varies periodically, to make you taste always new combinations. Poormanger's team always selects fresh, seasonal and genuine products.

Other formats


RITA self-service restaurants

SELF-SERVICE RESTAURANT, offering gourmet delicacies for an outstanding lunch break.


Tracce free-flow self-service

FREE-FLOW SELF-SERVICE RESTAURANT, for an advanced take on self-service restaurants, which focuses on consumers by inviting them to create their own perfect menu.


Chiccotosto snack coffee bar

SNACK COFFEE BAR, with delicious sweet and savoury products together with a coffee bar that celebrates the aromas and essences of high-quality coffee.

Kalamaro Piadinaro

Kalamaro Piadinaro

SEAFOOD CUISINE AND GOURMET PIADINA, combines the Italian culinary tradition with contemporary global trends, enhancing the values of light and fun conviviality.

Antica Focacceria

sicilian popular cuisine ANTICA FOCACCERIA S.FRANCESCO

SICILIAN POPULAR CUISINE, including the best traditional Sicilian dishes in their most delicious and iconic recipes.


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